It’s time to renew our rights. Get a seat at the table.

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This Petition will be sent to:
  1. President,
    President Donald Trump
  2. Repulican Speaker of the House,
    Paul Ryan
  3. Minority Leader,
    Nancy Pelosi
  4. Head of Business Roundtable,
    Jamie Dimon

Let’s reassert our rights

The Declaration stated it pretty well. Today, we have some of the very same problems the founders had.

And we have an opportunity to be heard.

The new Declaration of Independence is simply a way to get your voice heard.

It’s a way to tell those who are standing in the way of rights, we matter, we count.

The New Declaration of Independence is a way to say the ideals are right – but there are some corrupt powers in place.

Anyone can sign, men and women can be founders.

And so, in that vein, Cathy and Chris open it up for all.

We initially are looking for one hundred signers.

After that, we’re going to broaden the initiative. We hope you’ll be one of the first to sign.

And if you want to learn more, feel free to go to to check out more about the book we’ve written to support the initiative.

Petition by,
Cathy LoGerfo, Christopher Dunn, Esq.


Our government and business leaders:

There are some in government who are trying to root out corruption. Yet, there are some who are violating the very rights this country was founded on. To help those good leaders, a small group of individuals has come together to assert the new declaration of independence, which simply brushes off and reasserts the old one.

These leaders would like a seat at the table with our government and business leaders, so that we may be heard about several areas where life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the value of equality are not being respected.

Together, these individuals represent a huge following.

To be heard, we will be asking for specific meetings with leadership.

[Christopher Dunn, Esq., Cathy LoGerfo and several signers]


Ms. McKinney, a powerful voice signs today Uncategorized

Thanks to Ms. McKinney for signing today. She eloquently, concisely and powerfully says it: “We as Americans have to do everything possible to fight for what we think is RIGHT!” Glad to have her on board.

Jeffrey Clark says it well… Uncategorized

Jeffrey Clark says “We are losing our democracy to a government that wants to control our freedoms and rights.” Sad. Connect with him on twitter Jeffrey Clark.

Great expression of what needs to be done – by new signer/founder Uncategorized

“We the people voted to REFORM our corrupt government and that’s exactly what needs to be done. This infighting, fear mongering, leaking, chaos and disruption is VERY BAD for our country. We’re falling apart for all the world to see and it needs to STOP NOW. Our representatives need to put aside their differences, hold those accountable who are actively working to DESTROY us, work together and lead our citizens to a more peaceful existence, restoring the United States back to its true glory! We can NOT set an example to anyone on the outside if we can not repair ourselves from within.” Luana Alger

Protecting life Uncategorized

The shooting today of Congressman Steve Scalise is one more (tragic) reason in a long list of reasons as to why we need to reassert our rights.

Signers in action Uncategorized

Some individuals with passion to make a difference have made their voice heard. We invite you to check out more about them at their Twitter accounts: Roy Ross and Mantra Plonsey.

Open for signatures Uncategorized

Today, the website is 99% working. There are a couple of minor tweaks needed, but essentially, it is ready for people to sign. Of course, promoting it will take some doing. We don’t have a platform and we have few followers. So, it’s like trying to go from zero to sixty without a car. And, we’re not sensational, and we don’t advocate extreme solutions, so that doubles the challenge. It’s non-violent and for many who are looking for rabble-rousing, this commitment to non-violence may not appeal to them. Yet, even if we get a small group of people that can be quite effective.

The website is almost done! Uncategorized

The website is almost up and running. The Twitter account is already up and running. Now, we’re just trying to get the petition live.

Beginning this petition Uncategorized

Welcome to the New Declaration of Indepednence. Beginning this petition. We’ve written a book to support the petition. But it’s pretty straightforward. It’s like we’re right back where we started, in need of asserting to the leaders that we are entitled to the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, each created equally.


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  • Jana

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    • Cathy LoGerfo, Christopher Dunn, Esq.

      Job security is important and absolutely should be an issue when we have our seat at the table!

  • Diz

    We are a blessed nation and our Constitution, a masterpiece, was composed by great men who who had reverence for God and a great respect for its citizens. I’m a patriot, and in 1969, I join the Marine Corp to fight communism, I know, I was naive, but my heart was in the right place. I believe that we should protect Americans and our borders, and people emigrating to our county should not only enter the proper way, but leave behind any thread of their failing philosophies, destructive religious, and failing government ideas, and become Americans in convictions, minds and hearts. All emigrants should be required to simulate to our way of life, and leave behind a failing country and economy. Also, corruption should be eradicated from our government, and cuts should begin with government employees, which has become too fat and lazy. Let’s face it, President Trump inherited a chaotic, wasteful and unscrupulous government and they have not been working for the people; finally, President Trump has raised the American Torch and will light up America from sea to shining sea. All, be blessed.

    • Cathy LoGerfo, Christopher Dunn, Esq.

      Thank you very much for your comment. People should read this comment to see how many of us feel. I particularly want to comment on the part about corruption. One of the main reasons for the new declaration of independence is that we need a way to tell all that the rights stated in the Declaration are valid – we have the right to these rights. Corruption must be stopped or put in it’s place, if we are to realize these rights. I encourage all to sign the dec. It’s legal and non-violent. And at some point it might just give us a greater seat at the table to realize our rights.


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